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The principles of Nutritional Immunology rely on the compounds found in plant foods in order to revitalise and nourish our immune system as our body’s best defense against illnesses.

You do not actually ‘need’ to purchase nutritional support products, however sometimes life does take over and we simply aren’t able to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet consisting of a variety of foods that would provide us with adequate nutritional support.

Other times, our immune system and health may be compromised and we can really use some help from really potent and powerful plant foods that are hard to come by in our daily groceries, such as cactus fruit, ginseng, or different types of exotic mushrooms.

eLEAD sources unique, effective and potent plant food sources to create convenient wholesome food products through their stringent selection, manufacturing and testing process. Each ingredient is carefully studied and processed individually in order to optimise their potential in the end product. All ingredients and end products also go through rigorous testing to ensure their safety and top-notch quality.

How to buy eLEAD nutrition support products

1. Sign up for FREE membership

  • To sign up with my group, click this link and fill out your details. Make sure your name and date of birth match those on your Passport (the company will need to verify your ID later on for security purposes – more on this in #5 below)
  • Enter “00072352” in the Sponsor’s Ref No. field, and “Susy Chen” in the Sponsor’s Name field.

Signing up as a member does NOT mean you will ever have to sell anything, just means you can purchase products and potentially earn compensation ONLY IF you will be sharing it as a business.

2. Place your order online

  • Browse the selection of products online and place your order. Ensure your delivery information is accurate.

3. Wait for your products to arrive

  • At the moment, eLEAD does not email you with updates on your order and delivery. But you can log in to the portal to check all order information.

4. Enjoy, share and earn compensation for sharing

  • Enjoy your products and share them if you love them.

5. Verify your ID to keep your membership active

  • Send a copy of your passport front page (with your name and date of birth) to <<This does NOT get sent to me or anyone in my group. It is sent to the company as they are required by law to verify your ID as a distributor who would be eligible to receive bonuses>>



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