A natural health food company

eLEAD takes a natural and holistic approach to health and nutrition. Their catalogue of natural health food products serves a wide spectrum of nutritional needs; with each ingredient being carefully selected and blended to revitalize and sustain your long-term health and well-being.

A company with a strong background

eLEAD Global invests heavily on manufacturing facilities in the USA and Singapore. It has 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing, and is led by a team of Nutritional Immunologists, medical specialists, research and technology professionals.

In-house production from start to finish

eLEAD upholds the values of self-producing, self-manufacturing and self-retailing, operating single-handedly from the processes of R&D to packaging, and then delivers their products directly to us as consumers.

Completely safe and quality products with unique ingredients

eLEAD products are safe, unique, effective, and in-line with the scientific research of Nutritional Immunology. All products go through GMP certification and more than 2000 stringent tests of chemical, heavy metals and pesticides contamination to maintain purity and integrity of the end products that you receive.

Each ingredient in every batch of harvest is vigilantly tested to ensure that you get only the best parts of what nature has to offer.

Conveniently buy online, any time

Sign up for FREE and purchase online or on the eLEAD mobile app any time, then wait for your products to be delivered to you. eLEAD is currently available in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

More info

eLEAD Global Limited is a global health food company founded on a simple, powerful idea: We Are Momentum. It is based in Hong Kong, and integrates online shopping with advanced duplication system, opening up huge business opportunities.


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