Pilot: My first post

Pilot: My first post

Hey there!

I started this blog mainly to journal and document our stories, experience, tips and tricks, pitfalls, setbacks, wins, info, and pretty much a mix of everything that has coloured our ville and fam-life since the arrival of Little Claire.

I’m not giving any form of professional advice on this blog, nor am I trying to. However, some of you may find my stories and experience relevant to what you may be going through. I know that for me, during different stages and challenges of life and parenthood, I constantly go on the web, reading other people’s stories and experience. I find that sometimes it helps just to know that others are going (or have been) through similar things, what they are doing that works and what doesn’t. I started this blog with the intention to journal our journey, and if it turns out to help others in some ways, then ++ brownie points.

Why ‘Naptime Bedtime’?

For the first couple of Little Claire’s life, it seems that our (my) lives revolved a lot around her sleep. I quickly became obsessed with sleep… counting hours, watching sleep patterns, schedules, and so on and so forth. So to me, early parenthood revolves pretty much around naptimes and bedtimes.

I’ll share our stories and experience with alopecia areata (hair loss), health, learning,… and anything else that comes our way.



Suz C

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